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Our Philosophy

“Lino Fritto” was inspired by a renewed awareness of the centrality of people and of the environment where they live, and the perceived need to offer products that give both an ideal and concrete response to these demands.

“Lino Fritto” is the expression of a new approach to food consumption where the characteristics, serving and consumption of our products will constitute an absolute novelty in the catering industry.

Our products comes in the shape of single portions of a fish and vegetable based meal prepared with a modern Italian spirit, hence our slogan:

“fish, vegetables and Italian soul”

A city open to the rest of the world and to cultural exchange,  Venice is the natural location for the launch of this new initiative, and specifically the Rialto market, a place where top quality fish and vegetables get pride of place.

The project focuses on the well-being of people and the preservation of the environment in which they live. Over 90% of the material used for the packaging is biodegradable, in keeping  with our goal that the shop achieve a “zero footprint” in the city that hosts it.

Top quality, original products will be offered at extremely competitive prices (about 15 Euros for a full meal) in a unique venue, to be eaten in the street or at home, without damage to its surroundings.

It will also be possible to have lunch or dinner delivered at home or at the office by placing an order using your computer, tablet or smart phone (a service available in Venice historic centre).


Steamed salmon on a stick with toasted sesame seeds

Sea bass burger with scampi sauce

Fresh tuna burger with capers from Pantelleria and caramelized red onion

Pumpkin seeds éclair with smoked swordfish, soft robiola cheese and dried dates

Fried calamari, prawns and sardines with polenta ….


This is just a sample of the creativity that went into the making of the 16 dishes on offer all year round, which will be complemented by seasonal recipes.  Continuous research, typically Italian, into the quality of the products used and the goal of making this value available to an increasingly wider audience, makes “Lino Fritto” a unique project of its kind.

Inside the shop you will also be able to purchase gifts and food  from around the world that share the spirit and philosophy of the project: innovation at the service of people and of the environment.

The project foresees the opening of 10 more shops in Italy and in Europe over the next three years, with the aim of establishing a renewed Italian style distinguished by its modernity, accessibility and originality.


Lino Fritto srl - - S.Polo 319 Campo de le Becarie, Venezia
P.Iva e cod fisc. 04224750275
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